Many freelancers have questions about what is Seo


Many freelancers have questions about what is Seo; what is Seo copywriting; what is Seo writing. This description explains – in detail – what this is. And, how to make money from it as a freelance writer.

What is Seo?


Seo is an acronym for the phrase “search motor optimization.” hunt motor optimization is all about doing specific things to your website to drive more traffic to it so that you can growth online sales – and traffic.


What are some of these “things?”

There are many, but here we will discuss what it is as it applies to freelance writers. And, this means writing text in a definite way so that web surfers (ie, internet users) can land on a singular site.

What is Seo As It Relates to Freelance Writers?

What freelance writers need to be concerned with is keywords. What are keywords? Keywords are the words and phrases that web surfers type in when they hunt for things online.

For example, let’s say you were concerned in beginning a foreclosure cleanup business. You may not know anything about it other than foreclosures are hot in the news right now and you are curious in starting this kind of company.

So, you log onto your beloved hunt engine, (eg, Google, Yahoo! Msn, etc.) and type in the keywords “foreclosure cleaning business” or “foreclosure cleaning” or “foreclosure cleanup” or some other relevant keyword phrase.

Note: When you type words into a quest engine to find something on the internet, the words you type in are called a keyword (one word) or a keyword phrase (two or more words with commas in between).

How Businesses Get to the Top of hunt engine Results

When you type in these words and hit “Enter”, a bunch of sites pop up and you start to surf (ie, click on the results) and start investigating the sites to see if they have the information you need.

The sites that pop up are the results that quest engines like Google, Yahoo, Msn, et al think are the most relevant to the keyword phrase (aka hunt phrase) you typed in. Fellowships pay a lot of money to be among the first two or three pages in the results that quest engines return.

Why Seo Copywriters are So In examine and How They Make Their Money

One of the ways they get to pop up in the first two or three pages of results is to have relevant text that contains the proper keyword phrases. And, this is where you as an Seo copywriter can make a lot of money. You write the text that their site needs to pop up high in search machine results.

Many times, companies will naturally give you a bunch of keyword phrases and let you write what you want — as long as it’s a definite length (usually 300-500 words).

There are many freelance writers – hundreds of thousands, if not a few million. But, only a tiny minority know what Seo is and how to write this type of copy. And, this is why they’re so in demand.

Seo copywriters have an in-demand skill. And, as more and more clubs move larger portions of their advertising budgets to internet marketing, there is an even greater query for their skills.

In the SearcheEngineWatch article, The Seo Copywriter: Wordsmithing the Web, William Flaiz, underscores the importance of an Seo copywriter. He writes:

“The role of the group Seo copywriter is unique because…. Suddenly, the writer must optimize press releases, craft articles for public news, monitor collective network communications, and design wiki content…. A strong Seo copywriter is adaptable and capable of internalizing a lot of new information highly quickly. These unique individuals have fast come to be the backbone of many Seo engagements. If content is king, then they [Seo copywriters] are the kingmakers.”

And this is why Seo copywriters can fee a selected for their services. If you’re looking for a way to start or maximize your revenue as an online freelance writer, then Seo copywriting is they way to go.



can fee a prime for their services. If you’re looking for a way to start or maximize your wage as an online freelance writer, then Seo copywriting is they way to go.




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